The Future of Low-Carbon Transportation Fuels

There are many people putting forward compelling ideas and visions for the future, and we have been craving a little time to step back and consider these fresh perspectives and how they can contribute to the clean energy future we’re building together.

During the first virtual gathering of CERTs’ new Energy Futures event series on September 23, 2020, we explored the future of low-carbon transportation fuels with Brendan Jordan of Great Plains Institute, Erin Meier with Green Lands Blue Waters, and Michael Reese at University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center

Small Business Struggles: Busting Down Barriers to Installing EV Infrastructure

Small businesses face unique needs when preparing for the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Join this virtual roundtable discussion hosted by the San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition, in partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), and ACT News, to discuss the barriers small business and fleets face when installing charging infrastructure for EVs. This roundtable is the first of a series of virtual events and will focus on how to prepare for EVs by designing electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI) that fits the organization’s needs now and in the future.

The roundtable will provide a space for businesses to engage with a panel of experts from every corner of the EV sector—including utility partners, funding agencies, OEMs, and technology providers—to ask questions and gain perspective that will help them prepare for successful EVI installation of both public and private charging stations.

Watch the recording of this virtual roundtable to gain insight into:

  • Funding and resources available to fleets to help easily and cost-effectively install charging infrastructure
  • Choosing the right EVI for your vehicles and available load capacity
  • Best practices while working with all stakeholders from project planning to completion to streamline project timelines and avoid costly delays
  • How to prepare for upcoming EVI and fleet-related mandates and regulations
  • The differences between public and private charging stations

From Pilot Project to Large-Scale Deployment

Register for this webinar taking place on October 21, 2020 at 2 PM MST!

As transit fleets move from pilot projects into mass adoption of battery electric buses, there are lessons to be learned from the data center and solar industries – deploying high-powered electrical infrastructure at scale, with high reliability and low cost. These lessons will maximize cost savings and ensure buses are consistently charged and ready for their routes.

Gain real-world insight from Anaheim Transportation Network, a transit fleet that has successfully navigated this transition with 46 battery electric buses while breaking ground on a new all-electric transit depot.

  • Develop an optimal charging strategy based on drive cycle and duty cycle
  • Reduce your CapEx through funding programs and partnerships
  • Minimize charging costs by reducing exposure to demand and time-of-use charges
  • Create certainty in your charging infrastructure performance and electric “refueling” OpEx budget

Reducing the Cost of Medium- & Heavy-Duty EVs & Speeding Up ROI

As more medium- and heavy-duty fleets consider EVs to meet zero-emission regulations and sustainability goals, the initial upfront costs of electrification may seem daunting. However, fleets have a variety of funding options available, which can be stacked to reduce the cost of vehicles and charging infrastructure—helping you realize a return on your investments sooner.

Register for this one-hour webinar, on October 21, 2020 at 11 AM MST, to gain insight into:

  • The currently available funding opportunities for deploying electric vehicles
  • The benefits of SDG&E’s Power Your Drive for Fleets program, including incentives and rebates, site design and construction support, and more
  • How to stack available incentives to reduce the overall cost of purchasing new vehicles and installing charging infrastructure