• About Utah Clean Cities

Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Clean Cities Coalition is to advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of the United States by supporting local decisions to adopt practices that reduce the use of petroleum in the transportation sector.

The Utah Clean Cities Coalition exists to support organizations and fleets in their efforts to contribute to clean air by reducing vehicle emissions. As a member, you will be notified of and have access to: program grants, strategic planning tools, event and campaign partnerships, school curriculum materials and incentives.

Utah Clean Cities Coalition (UCCC), formerly Salt Lake Clean Cities, was the 16th coalition in the nation to join the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Clean Cities Program in 1994. Today it is one of nearly 100 coalitions across the country that is part of the U.S. DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program—a program designed to reduce the U.S. import and overall consumption of petroleum. Since its establishment UCCC has grown into a statewide, 501(c)3 nonprofit with a robust network that spans the state and the nation.

Through the promotion of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and fuel economy strategies, the coalition has worked to ease concerns about volatile gas prices and rising public and environmental health issues. Working closely with the federal and state government, as well as its stakeholders, UCCC leverages its resources to bring funding into Utah to support the development and deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicles.

UCCC’s also works with local partners and the public to promote smart transportation and fuel economy practices: Idle Free Utah and the Clear the Air Challenge. Since their implementation, these campaigns have had significant behavioral change impacts, including the adoption of Idle Free Resolutions and Ordinances in several cities across the state.

As a non-profit organization UCCC utilizes its unique position in the community to provide a forum for local businesses, government and the public to influence resources, create joint projects and collaborate on public policy for reduced petroleum use in Utah’s transportation sector.

Coalition Structure

Board of Directors & Operating Committee

Dr. David Christensen, Director of SELECT, USU Chair

Diane Turner, Murray City Councilwoman Co-Chair

Dr. Royal DeLegge, Salt Lake County Environmental Health- Secretary & Treasurer

Dr. Laura Nelson, Utah Office of Energy Development

Dr. Michelle Hoffman, Founder of Breathe Utah

Debbie Lyons, Deputy Director of Salt Lake City Sustainability

Rep. Lowry Snow, Utah Representative

Scott Brandeberry, Lancer Automotive

Denise Brems, Office of Energy Development, Retired

James Campbell, Rocky Mountain Power

Hanko Kiessner, Pacsize, CEO

Tammie Bostick-Cooper

Executive Director

Tammie Bostick-Cooper joined the Utah Clean Cities Coalition in July 2015. Her formal education is in Organizational Communications and she earned her degree at the University of Utah; where she worked at the Daily Utah Chronicle.  Her first career was as the Executive Director of the Family Support Center of the Uintah Basin; a non-profit human service organization which provided respite and emergency shelter to young children.  She has worked closely with government, and business while focusing on community issues, program developments, public outreach, grant development and fundraising. She is the co-founder of the Children’s Justice Center for Duchesne County. She worked as a concept designer for Imagine Consulting where she developed educational programs, curriculum and museum exhibits for children in the arts and sciences. She later joined with the Utah Health Department and Early Intervention as a Child Development Specialist working on the Ute Indian Reservation in Eastern Utah.

Tammie is conservationist who grew up ranching, traveling, hiking and living close to nature in Wyoming and Utah.  Her most notable work thus far has been the grand adventure of being the mother of two smart and capable Westminster college students, Alexia and Cole Cooper; both whom spent their formative years in an off-the-grid, solar cabin in the idyllic setting of the high Uintah Mountains of Eastern Utah. She considers her new career at Utah Clean Cities a dream job of collaborative work, thinking globally and acting locally in a world where everyone is an ally.

Northern Office: 801-535-7736

cell: 801-824-8380

Physical Address: 451 S. State Street, Ste. 145, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 145474, Salt Lake City, UT 84114