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Mayor Becker Declares November Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month

Salt Lake City Announces Five New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SALT LAKE CITY - Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker joined state representatives, mayors from municipalities across the state, UTA, AAA and the Utah Clean Cities Coalition today to declare November Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month. In line with the Becker Administration’s goal of creating a greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendly capital city, Salt Lake City supports this initiative to promote electric vehicles to reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve air quality. The City displayed new Alternative Fuel fleet vehicles, and unveiled plans today for five new and publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations in Salt Lake City.

In 2005, Salt Lake City passed an ordinance to encourage the use of green vehicles and allow alternative fuel, fuel efficient, and low polluting vehicles to park without charge at Salt Lake City parking meters. To promote the use of green vehicles, five level 1 electric vehicle charging stations will be installed at parking stalls throughout the City. The five stalls will each provide a standard 120-volt, 20-amp outlet to recharge many models of electric vehicles. Parking in stalls will be restricted to electric vehicles actively charging their battery by use of the provided electrical outlets. The stalls will be established at the following locations:

1. Salt Lake City Main Library Parking Garage
2. 50 East 300 South (north side of road)
3. 135 South Main St. (east side of road)
4. Forest Dale Golf Course
5. Liberty Park (west side)

The charging station parking stalls represent the first of additional sites to come to support new models of electric vehicles being produced by auto manufacturers. As the recipient of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant through the Utah Clean Cities Coalition, Salt Lake City received funding to aid in the purchase of several compressed natural gas waste trucks as well as the conversion of a fire department vehicle to run on compressed natural gas. A grant from the AAA Greenlight program has allowed the City to purchase three T3 electric standup vehicles. These zero-emission vehicles will be used as part of the yard waste and recycling initiatives in the City.

“We continue our focus on furthering the livability and sustainability of Salt Lake City with initiatives like this to highlight alternative transportation options that promote health of our residents and our economy,” said Mayor Ralph Becker. “Adding five charging stations for the public to use within the City is an example of our dedication to seeing Salt Lake City become the greenest City in America.”

About Utah Clean Cities

Utah Clean Cities is one of over 80 coalitions around the country that are part of the U.S. Department of Energy's strategy to reduce America's dependence on imported oil by one million barrels by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, the coalition promotes alternative fuel vehicles, low-fuel blends, fuel economy, hybrid electric vehicles, and idling reduction. For more information, please visit www.utahcleancities.org, or contact Utah Clean Cities Northern Director Carry Giles at carrie.giles@slcgov.com.

About Salt Lake City Green

Salt Lake City Green is comprised of award-winning environmental programs that work to conserve resources, reduce pollution, slow climate change and ensure a healthy, sustainable future for Salt Lake City. Information is available at www.slcgreen.com, the Salt Lake City Green Facebook page, or follow SLCgreen on Twitter.

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Governor declares November 'Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month'

ABC 4 News
November 8, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - On Monday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared November "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month".

Vehicles are the number one reason we get pollution inversions in Utah.  And, several cities and agencies here are taking action to replace vehicles powered by gas with hybrids or alternative fuels.

Some of them were shown off at Triple A in Salt Lake City Monday.   One of them was a UTA bus.  Similar ones will eventually replace the entire 500 bus fleet.  "We can run ten buses for the amount of particulate that is emitted compared to the bus that it replaces," says Jerry Benson with the Utah Transit Authority.

Also on display was a Segway used by Salt Lake Police officers. 

The city also has three garbage trucks powered by natural gas.

And in mid to late December, the city is opening up five free electric vehicle charging locations around Salt Lake City.  The exact locations will be announced later.  But, they'll be near the main library, at a park, a golf course and at Triple A.

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Governor Herbert declares November 'Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month'

Maile Tua'one
November 14, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - Governor Gary Herbert signed a proclamation declaring the month of November to be 'Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month'.

"It's confusing, there's just so many alternative fuel vehicles and so many different options and so we're here to say, it's time to learn more about it," said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah.

Experts say it is an issue that affects everyone. "One of the major issues we have in Salt Lake City is air pollution and most the air pollution is from the individual's car and so the more alternative fuels, the better," said Vicki Bennett, SLC Director of Sustainability.

UTA says they are thinking about alternative fuels with each new bus they purchase. "Today the buses that we purchase, we can run ten buses for the amount of particulate that is emitted compared to the bus that it replaces," said Jerry Benson, UTA.

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Utah Clean Cities Coalition showcases alternative fuel vehicles

ABC 4 News
Emily Clark

SANDY, UT (ABC 4 News) - Friday is alternative fuel vehicle day.  Across the country, people are celebrating new fuels powering our nation.  Sandy was one of 100 cities to introduce new ideas to solve the fueling crisis.

Kyle Dansie drives an electric truck.  He said, "Next time gas hits four dollars a gallon, I'll be laughing and other people will be crying."

That's the idea behind alternative fuels.  Pass up regular fuel and save cash.  Friday at Salt Lake Community College, Utah Clean Cities Coalition showcased vehicles using alternative fuels.

Kyle did his own electric conversion to his Ford pick up.  He said, "We took the gas engine out, the gas tank out, all of the gas equipment is gone - it is fully electric, 100%."

Today's car show hopes to inspire others to look towards alternative fuels.  A trend alternative fuel users say is a good one.

Rick Oliver from Go Natural Towing runs a fleet of natural gas trucks.  he said, "Going to natural gas is a good thing.  It's an American produced fuel and we're not depending on foreign oil."
Utah Valley University and the College of Eastern Utah both have programs teaching their students about these alternative fuels.  They are on the front lines of this growing work force to convert and service alternative fuel vehicles.

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