Propane Autogas for Municipal Fleets: Virtual Vehicle Demonstration

During this time of social distancing, Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) and the propane community are offering you an opportunity to experience a medium-duty propane vehicle through a Virtual Demonstration!

Join PCF, Roush Cleantech, and Amerigas on November 5, 2020 at 8 AM MST to learn about medium-duty propane vehicles, how to operate and maintain them, and how refueling works.

SMART Webinar Series: Understanding the Benefits of Connected & Automated Vehicles and System Controls for SMART Mobility

Take part in the SMART Mobility Consortium webinar series on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 1 PM MST.

The Energy Efficient Mobility Systems (EEMS) program in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office is holding a series of seven Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation (SMART) Mobility Consortium webinars.

Webinar 4: Understanding the Benefits of Connected & Automated Vehicles and System Controls for SMART Mobility, hosted by David Anderson, DOE Vehicle Technologies Office-Energy Efficient Mobility Systems; and Eric Rask, Argonne National Laboratory.

Attendees can expect a 45 minute live presentation, followed by a moderated Q&A session.

Adsorbed Natural Gas Vehicles: What are they and how can they fit into your fleet?

During this time of social distancing, Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) is offering the opportunity to escape through a virtual vehicle demonstration! Join us on a virtual webinar to learn about adsorbed natural gas (ANG) vehicles and how they can fit into your fleet.

Join PCF, NGVAmerica, and Ingevity on Wednesday, November 18th from 9:30 AM -11:00 PM MST to learn about natural gas a transportation fuel and ANG vehicles — how to operate/maintain them and how refueling works!

A Tale of Two Fleets: ANG Cuts Costs & Carbon Footprints

For light-duty fleets searching for a cost-effective, performance-enhancing alternative fuel, adsorbed natural gas (ANG) promises to provide the power these fleets need at a price point that won’t be a budget breaker.

In this informative webinar, Peter Barber, Ph.D., business development manager – performance materials for Ingevity, will lead attendees through two recent, successful ANG pilots with fleets using Ford F-150 pickups.

Attendees will learn about the benefits, unexpected results, and even challenges these fleets experienced and how that could translate into savings for attendees’ fleets, including:
Realizing significant reductions in fuel costs
Seeing sizeable shrinkage of fleets’ carbon footprint
Implementing successful use of home fueling to improve efficiency
While it’s not necessary to have attended Ingevity’s previous ANG webinars, as the culmination of its series on efficacy of using this lesser-known alt-fuel by fleets, these case studies will bring into clear focus how ANG improves efficiency, delivers performance, and saves money—for a comprehensive return on investment (ROI).


Presenter: Dr. Peter Barber, Business Development Manager, ANG Automotive, Performance Material, Ingevity


Electric Fleets: Alternative Energy Solutions

As medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles―semi-trucks, delivery vans, and buses―hit the roadways, the focus is on how to charge them. While electric utilities are important to long-term vehicle electrification advancement, innovative alternative energy solutions can eliminate immediate power challenges, maximize Total Cost of Ownership, and provide resiliency now and in the future.

Join Empire Clean Cities and Black & Veatch on Thursday, November 2, 2o2o at 10-11 MST, to learn how Bloom’s energy servers:
• Bypass grid capacity issues
• Reduce time to power
• Eliminate equipment redundancy
• Operate independently or with the grid


• Keith Dickerson is with Black & Veatch’s Transformative Technologies group. His focus areas include planning and building sustainable transportation and distributed clean energy infrastructure. He brings 30 years of expertise in engineering, operations, sales and strategic business development with companies such as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Verizon. Keith holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Alabama. He also served as a search and rescue air crewman in the U.S. Coast Guard.

• Chris Ball, Bloom Energy
Chris is a Product Marketing Lead with Bloom Energy, focused on microgrids and sustainability. Chris works closely with both product management and sales teams to increase customer value and is intimately involved in identifying and meeting customer needs and requirements. Earlier in his career, he developed commercial and utility scale solar projects. Chris holds a BSBA from Georgetown University.

Tech Demo – Freightliner: Natural Gas Solutions to Meet Emissions Targets Today

Tune in for a video demo, presentation, and live Q&A with Bob Carrick, Alternative Fuel Manager for Velocity Vehicle Group. This talk will review Freightliner’s natural gas portfolio for on-highway and vocational applications to help customers achieve near-zero-emissions with a factory-built solution they can purchase today.

Mindful Mobility Tech Talks: Seminar VI: Connected Autonomous Safe Electric (C.A.S.E) for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, regulations are in place that are globally incentivizing manufacturers to move to alternative power sources for vehicles ranging in size from fleets of cars to large mining vehicles. New entrants are partnering with end user fleets as well as incumbent Tier-1 vehicle OEMs and Tier-2 parts manufacturers. CASE is an acronym for Connected Autonomous Safe Electric. This paper and presentation highlights some of the progress made to date, partnerships known to exist, the challenges remaining, and projections for the next decade.

Join Mindful Mobility Tech Talks Tuesday, October 27 at 11:30 p.m. MST. 

The Future of Low-Carbon Transportation Fuels

There are many people putting forward compelling ideas and visions for the future, and we have been craving a little time to step back and consider these fresh perspectives and how they can contribute to the clean energy future we’re building together.

During the first virtual gathering of CERTs’ new Energy Futures event series on September 23, 2020, we explored the future of low-carbon transportation fuels with Brendan Jordan of Great Plains Institute, Erin Meier with Green Lands Blue Waters, and Michael Reese at University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center

Small Business Struggles: Busting Down Barriers to Installing EV Infrastructure

Small businesses face unique needs when preparing for the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Join this virtual roundtable discussion hosted by the San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition, in partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), and ACT News, to discuss the barriers small business and fleets face when installing charging infrastructure for EVs. This roundtable is the first of a series of virtual events and will focus on how to prepare for EVs by designing electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI) that fits the organization’s needs now and in the future.

The roundtable will provide a space for businesses to engage with a panel of experts from every corner of the EV sector—including utility partners, funding agencies, OEMs, and technology providers—to ask questions and gain perspective that will help them prepare for successful EVI installation of both public and private charging stations.

Watch the recording of this virtual roundtable to gain insight into:

  • Funding and resources available to fleets to help easily and cost-effectively install charging infrastructure
  • Choosing the right EVI for your vehicles and available load capacity
  • Best practices while working with all stakeholders from project planning to completion to streamline project timelines and avoid costly delays
  • How to prepare for upcoming EVI and fleet-related mandates and regulations
  • The differences between public and private charging stations

How Renewable Gases Can Help Decentralize the Grid: Fuel Cells & Microgrids

Join Renewable Gas 360 on October 28, 2020 at 11 AM MST for a webinar on how renewable gases can help decentralize the grid. Register today!