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UT Governor Creates "Clean Air Action Team"
UT Governor Creates "Clean Air Action Team"

UT Governor Creates "Clean Air Action Team"

Public News Service Utah
October 17, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY – A newly formed group is tasked with tackling Utah's air quality issues.

Gov. Gary Herbert this week announced the launch of the Clean Air Action Team with members from advocacy groups, health care organizations, industry and the legislature.

Robin Erickson, executive director at Utah Clean Cities, is among the panel members. She says the governor is taking a positive step forward to deal with air quality concerns.

"I think him coming up with this Clean Air Action Team is an excellent idea to bring all parties together to try to come up with some long-term solutions," she says.

Herbert says the team will consider everything from regulation, legislation, education, research and transportation.

"I want to assure you that no possible solution will be left unturned," he says.

Erickson points out that when cars and trucks idle, they produce emissions that account for up to half of Utah's air pollution.

"If everybody would reduce their idling one minute a day, it's equivalent to, like, 6 million tons of particulate matter out of the sky throughout the nation,” she says. “There are huge numbers that support what we as a consumer can do, and it's hard things to do. But we need to do that if we're concerned about the future of our children."

Another growing air quality concern in Utah is wood smoke. According to Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, wood smoke is more harmful than cigarette smoke, and is a major contributor to air pollution.

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Governor Herbert Names Clean Air Action Team

October 15, 2013

Today Governor Gary R. Herbert announced the creation of the Clean Air Action Team. This group of diverse individuals will gather research, work with the public and recommend practical and effective strategies to improve Utah’s air quality.  Members of the CAAT come from the legislature, healthcare community, industry, local businesses, advocacy groups, and research institutions, representing various perspectives on air quality.

“The Action Team’s recommendations will cover the gamut – everything from regulation, legislation, education, research and transportation,” said the Governor. “I want to assure you that no possible solution will be left unturned.”
Clean air is essential for our health, economy and quality of life. Utah’s air quality, while largely impacted by topography and seasonal factors, is everyone’s responsibility. To that end, the Clean Air Action Team will review and recommend regulatory or statutory remedies to policymakers to improve Utah’s air quality statewide.
The CAAT is comprised of the following individuals:
Lonnie Bullard, Jacobsen Construction
Dr. Michelle Hofmann, Physician, Breathe Utah
Susan Hardy, Mountainland Association of Governments
Dr. Robert Paine, Pulmonologist, Program on Air Quality, Health and Society, U of U
Amanda Smith, Executive Director, Dept. of Environmental Quality
Sarah Wright, Executive Director, Utah Clean Energy
Ralph Becker, Mayor Salt Lake City 
Ben McAdams, Mayor Salt Lake County
Matt Sibul, Utah Transit Authority
Kathy Van Dame, Air Quality Board
Ryan Evans, Salt Lake Chamber
Ron Jibson, President and CEO, Questar
Andrew Gruber, Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council
Dr. Charles Sorenson, CEO, Intermountain Health Care
Jeff Edwards, Executive Director, Economic Development Corporation of Utah
Dr. Edward Redd, State Representative and physician
Patrice Arent, State Representative
Rebecca Chavez-Houck, State Representative
Stuart Adams, State Senator
Lowry Snow, State Representative 
David Brems, GSBS Architects,
Roger Jackson, FFKR Architects
Peter Stempel, Stempel Form Architects
Steve Sands, Kennecott, Air Quality Board
Ted Wilson, Executive Director UCAIR 
Angelo Papastamos, UDOT Travelwise
Dan McArthur, Mayor St. George
Dr. Robert Gillies, State Climatologist
Robin Erickson, Utah Clean Cities
Dr. Bob Rolfs, Deputy Director, Utah Department of Health 
Nancy McCormick, State President, AARP
Linda Johnson, League of Women Voters
Terry Marasco, Executive Director, Moms for Clean Air
Joseph Shaffer, Director of Health, Tri-County Health, Uintah Basin
Vicki Varela, Director, Utah Office of Tourism
Cody Stewart, Governor’s Energy Advisor
Alan Matheson, State Planning Coordinator and Governor’s Environmental Advisor
Matthew Eyring, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Vivint Inc.
The Clean Air Action Team will operate as an independent work group, facilitated by Envision Utah.
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