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Program Impact

For over 25 years, The Utah Clean Cities Green Fleet Program has supported public and private stakeholders in their efforts to reduce fuel costs and improve air quality through the adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. 

Why Alternative Fuel Vehicles?

The impacts of burning fossil fuels and vehicle emissions are becoming more apparent. Using domestic, clean burning alternatives to traditional fuels is an opportunity to support the economy, energy independence, and clean up our air.

Vehicle conversions can help fleet managers achieve emissions and environmental goals, and substantially lower fuel costs.

Getting Started

Read about alternative fuel opportunities and evaluate which options would work best for you.

Identify alternative vehicles for your fleet and decide on the feasibility of your desired option.

Learn about grants, incentives and laws to support Fleet conversions.

Contact Utah Clean Cities to learn about how to partner on a vehicle technology project.


“Utah Clean Cities has helped me see beyond the one solution I have always favored, electricity. There are a lot of additional modes and unique fuels for specific applications that we don’t have an electric solution for right now – such as big trucks or heavy equipment.”

Hanko Kiessner  CEO, Packsize International

There are 1,076 Fueling Stations in Utah with alternative fuels

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The Problem is Air Quality…

  • Poor air quality poses significant problems for Utah residents. 

  • Transportation contributes to roughly 50% of emissions in Salt Lake County. 

  • Utah uses over 5 million gallons of gasoline a day. 

  • Hospitals along the Wasatch Front see a 40% increase in emergency room visits when air pollution ranks as unhealthy.

  • Poor air quality has the potential to negatively impact regional economic growth by making Utah a less attractive place for business relocation and expansion.

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