• Become a Green Fleet Leader

When looking to make your fleet green, the task can seem overwhelming. Utah Clean Cities is here to make it easier to plan your way to becoming a clean fleet leader. Below you will find the tools you need to make changes that will make for a better environment and bottom line.

Here’s how to get started

Read about the alternative fuel types available and evaluate which options would work best for your fleet.

Identify what vehicles you could use in your fleet. Then use the tools below to decide on the feasibility of your desired option.

Read about the available grants, incentives and laws that are designed to help fleets, just like yours, get clean.

Call us for help. We want you to succeed and are available to assist you in every part of the process.

Going green isn’t just great for our air, it can also help your business. Through the Green Fleet Recognition Program, we award stakeholder fleets that have spent time and resources for significant improvements in converting their fleet to better fuels.

This bonus exposure could translate to increased public awareness, more participation from your team and additional funding.

Explore Fuel Types

Why Alternative Fuel Vehicles?

Many of the fuels that are considered “alternative” today have been around since the advent of the automobile. Ethanol, biodiesel and propane were all used in early internal combustion engines, and electricity was once the most popular vehicle type sold in the U.S. However, as petroleum prices dropped and advances in internal combustion engine technology allowed for greater speeds and ranges, gasoline and diesel vehicles dominated the market. Now, a century later, performance is not the only consideration for vehicle fuels. The impacts of burning fossil fuels and vehicle emissions are becoming more apparent. By using domestic, clean burning alternatives to traditional fuels you support our economy, cleaner air and energy independence.

Because alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) are cleaner burning than traditionally fueled vehicles, there is less wear and tear on your engine. But should you need a trained technician for your AFV, all you need to do is return the vehicle to your AFV certified local auto dealer. AFVs come with full warrantees and maintenance agreements—just like any other vehicle.

Find out what alternative fuels are feasible for you. Locate alternative fueling stations and get maps and driving directions.