• What is Methanol and how can it benefit my fleet?

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Methanol (CH3OH), also known as wood alcohol, is the most basic alcohol compound. As an alcohol, its chemical and physical properties are much like ethanol, and it can be used as an alternative fuel in M85 (methanol blend) flex fuel vehicles.

This fuel is commonly produced by steam reforming various feedstocks to create a synthesis gas, which is then fed into a catalytic reactor. The resulting products include methanol and water vapor. Of the various feedstocks (any organic material: wood, coal, biomass, etc.) that can be used to produce methanol, natural gas is currently the most common and economical.

How will it benefit my business?

Similar to other alternative fuel sources, methanol can be manufactured locally, meaning it is a secure energy source for use into the future. While it has received less attention than ethanol, methanol is actually less expensive to produce and a more cost-effective method of reducing one’s carbon footprint.

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