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Natural Gas is a hydrocarbon mixture predominantly composed of methane (CH4). Lesser components of this gaseous mixture include ethane, propane, butane, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapor, which are removed prior to use.  It is a nontoxic, non-corrosive, non carcinogenic fuel with significantly less harmful tailpipe emissions.

A majority of natural gas is a fossil fuel that is drawn from wells or extracted in conjunction with crude oil production. Natural gas can also be mined from subsurface porous rock reservoirs through extraction processes, such as hydraulic fracturing. Natural gas from renewable sources (biogas) is an emerging fuel, produced from decaying organic materials (waste from plants, landfills, wastewater and livestock).

How will it benefit my business?

The benefits of natural gas and propane autogas vehicles have been widely established and publicized. These include:

  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil(based on ample domestic supplies now and for the foreseeable future);
  • Better fuel price stability and reduced fuel costs in the long run;
  • Reduced tailpipe and well-to-wheel emissions (as compared to gasoline and diesel counterparts);
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance expenses, often leading to a lower TCO.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is readily available to end-users through a utility pipeline, and exploration in the United States has led to the discovery of significant new natural gas reserves. In recent years, 80% to 90% of the natural gas used in the United States was domestically produced. And yes, it is significantly less harmful to our environment.

Commercial fleets have been utilizing natural gas for the last 50 years. Its low cost and stable pricing made it attractive during the 1970 Oil Embargo, and those benefits continue today.  There are approximately 14.8 million compressed & liquefied natural gas vehicles (CNG & LNG) worldwide – about 112,000 in the U.S. CNG power, acceleration, fuel economy, range and cruise speed are comparable to gasoline or diesel vehicles.

“The addition of CNG buses results in reduced pollutants for CO2, NO, SO2, Particulates and VOCs. This approves air quality in an area of the country that struggles, because of its geographic formations, with maintaining good air quality”

Utah Transit Authority2019 Green Fleet

“Our business is based upon cleaning up our environment—the methods we choose to achieve this need to align with our purpose. Our commitment to clean fuel technologies reduces our environmental impact, provides the best value for our communities, and tells Utah we believe in responsible business. Today, CNG is a clean fuel that trucking companies in our region can choose, and we’re excited to see what the future of clean energy holds.”

Matt StalsbergACE Disposal & Recycling Owner, Manager

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