Save Money and
Go Green on Fuel? ✅ Yes!

Fleet Saver helps fleet managers wanting to save money by converting to clean, cheap compressed natural gas fuel (CNG). We partnered with Dominion Energy to offer complete solutions to upgrade fleets, buy fuel, and access fueling stations. Our customers win big: they save money on fuel, and they help clean the air for everyone.

Fleet Saver offers fixed fuel prices for up to 5 years plus financial support to upgrade engines to CNG and install fueling equipment. The savings are significant!

An Expanding Network of Fueling Stations

Drivers need easy access to fuel up. That is why we’ve partnered with Dominion Energy to expand our CNG fueling station network. To make it even easier, we can install fueling equipment right in the fleet yard while providing maintenance and service that keep trucks running day and night.

Station Locations