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Supporting Utah organizations and fleets in their efforts to contribute to clean air.

Working with the federal and state government in support of coalition stakeholders, UCCC leverages resources to bring funding, technical assistance, and other resources to Utah, supporting the development and deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicles, idle-reduction technologies, new mobility choices, and emerging transportation technologies.

Local & Regional Projects



First NEVI EV Charging Station in Utah

What Our Coalition Members Are Saying

Utah Clean Cities is doing a great job coordinating everything that is going on within the state and also networking best practices with other states.

Michael Masquelier

Chief Commercial Officer ASPIRE Utah State University

Utah Clean Cities has a more holistic view; private movement, freight movement as well as public transportation. That’s important for UTA to be aligned with that; it’s a plan where we’re working together as partners to create a greener state.

Jay Fox

Executive Director Utah Transit Authority

Utah Clean Cities serves as that landing place for a lot of different partners to come together including the youth, including the public and also people working in the technical spaces of these climate solutions. Utah Clean Cities brings us all together to be having these conversations.

Debbie Lyons

Director of Sustainability Salt Lake City

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The Utah Clean Cities and Communities  Board of Directors and staff welcomes inquiries from interested community members, businesses and organizations. You’ll find our team helpful and inclusive. We look forward to helping you get started with the Utah Clean Cities and Communities membership, opening up involvement with one (or more) of our many programs or grants today!