The Utah Clean Cities Coalition exists to support organizations and fleets in their efforts to contribute to clean air by reducing vehicle emissions. As a member, you will be notified of and have access to: program grants, strategic planning tools, event and campaign partnerships, school curriculum materials, and incentives.

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The (clean) sky’s the limit! We hope you will find new and innovative ways to incorporate Idle Free campaign components into your organizations clean-air plan.

Emerging Fuels

Experimentation to identify new fuels has lead to several emerging alternative fuels which are under development or already developed.

Vehicle Conversions

What Fleets Need to Know About Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversions, Retrofits, and Repowers

This year’s community partner of the year is Utah Clean Cities. It’s important to highlight good businesses, community groups, and individuals who are working hard to empower their people and empower the community to do what is right. They work with cities around the state to help them reduce their emissions through fleet management and alternative fuels. Additionally, they help role out idle free ordinances and idle free programs around the state.

Thom CarterExecutive Director, Utah Clean Air Partnership

Utah Clean Cities is an excellent organization that has spearheaded the work to reduce idling in Utah’s cities. They’re currently working with Zion National Park to reduce emissions by creating a park and ride and implementing electric shuttles.

Amanda SmithBoard of Directors Chair, Utah Clean Air Partnership

Utah Clean Cities connects committed groups of stakeholders to positively affect the air quality in the state.

Dave ChristensenDirector of Utah State University Sustainable Electrified Transportation Center, SELECT

One word I would use to describe Utah Clean Cities is determined!

Annie Schneider Emergency Management and Transportation Programs Specialist- Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development

Utah Clean Cities has helped me see beyond the one solution I have always favored, electricity. There are a lot of additional modes and unique fuels for specific applications that we don’t have an electric solution for right now- such as big trucks or heavy equipment

Hanko KiessnerCEO, Packsize International

100% of our business right now is advanced fuels. We have seen where we can go with Utah Clean Cities, and they’ve brought us along to where we are today. We’ve had 700% growth in our company. I encourage all of you to reach out to Utah Clean Cities and use them as a resource to move your company forward not only environmentally, but economically.

Scott BrandeberryPresident, Lancer Energy

We really appreciate the relationship we have with Tammie and Utah Clean Cities and all of the support that you have given us over the years including helping us with the purchase of electric buses. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

Jack BurnsZion National Park, Chief of Concessions Management

We met Tammie about 5 years ago and it became clear then, truly, that we were speaking the same language and that our missions aligned. We jumped in and they have been within our network and have been great friends and collaborators ever since.

David ChristensenASPIRE, Director of Innovation

We take great pride in our alignment with Utah Clean Cities. We were one of the founding members of Utah Clean Cities when it originated and we’ve been actively engaged for the better part of their whole history. We’re really excited to further our relationship and commitment to clean air.

Brett BrownDominion Energy, Operations Manager

We’re really thankful for Utah Clean Cities and the assistance that they give us in helping us to accomplish our mission to build a better community, not only through the products and services we provide, but also through corporate responsibility, community service and charitable donations.

Nathan SchellenbergGeneva Rock, VP of Construction

I don’t think Jordan School District would have developed our natural gas bus fleet, without the help of Utah Clean Cities. They made it available to us in grants that we were able to get and got us started.

Herb JensenJordan School District, Director of Transportation

Thank you for your willingness to be involved with the clean air caucus and also supporting legislation that promotes clean air infrastructure. It has been very helpful.

Lowry SnowUtah House of Representatives

About 10 years ago, with the help of Utah Clean Cities, we were able to access federal grants that enabled us to buy our first CNG refuse packers and build out our CNG fueling infrastructure so that we could grow our fleet. Today, nearly 100% of our refuse packer fleet still runs on CNG.

Debbie LyonsSLC Green, Energy & Environment Division Director

Utah Clean Cities has been instrumental in helping us secure a very large grant to pay for our infrastructure upgrade and to put in twenty electric vehicle chargers. That would not have happened without their help.

Eric PetersonSalt Lake County Environmental Health Department, EH Deputy Director

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