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Event Announcement: ACE Recycling & Disposal – Utah’s First 100% Electric Hauler Unveiling August 4th, 2022 

PRESS Announcement

Contact: Tammie Bostick, Utah Clean Cities
Email: tammie.bostick@utahcleancities.org
Phone: 801.580.1922

Date: August 4th, 2022
Time of the event: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Location: Ace Recycling & Disposal – 2274 S Technology Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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ACE Recycling & Disposal – Utah’s First 100% Electric Hauler Unveiling August 4th, 2022 


 August 2nd, 2022 – Salt Lake City, 

ACE Recycling & Disposal will unveil Utah’s first 100% Electric Class 8 Truck Thursday August 4th, at a press event held at ACE Recycling & Disposal Headquarters. This undertaking was supported by Utah Clean Cities,  The Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Lancer Energy, Rocky Mountain Power, and BYD Motors. 

ACE Recycling & Disposal has introduced the first electric refuse truck for Utah’s market. It has over 400 KWH of capacity and has demonstrated a full day’s use on routes of 10 hours or more. The waste industry is perfect for the electric truck because it can return to a hub to fully charge every day. It has a predictable route and lots of starts and stops to capture the full potential of regenerative braking. By introducing this vehicle we will be reducing emissions, decreasing maintenance costs, and being a better partner for the communities we serve.

Since March 2019, ACE Recycling & Disposal has been powered by renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG is a fuel generated from multiple sources including landfills, livestock and organic waste. Using RNG reduces our environmental impact even more as we no longer use natural gas extracted through fracking. 

“ACE is proud to be a leader in alternative fuels,” said Matt Stalsberg, ACE Recycling & Disposal Owner & General Manager. “We have done extensive research on new technology and we are constantly trying to improve our operations. Our goal is to match smart business decisions with our community and environmental needs.”

The upgrade to electric was made possible by a $231,900 grant from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)’s EPA funded Utah Clean Diesel Program, which offers incentives to diesel fleet owners for the early retirement and replacement of older diesel trucks and equipment. The program provides up to 45% of the replacement cost and currently has $9 million in funding available for Utah businesses and organizations. 

“ACE Recycling & Disposal has set a new bar by reducing tailpipe emissions by 100% on their West Valley City route,” said DEQ Executive Director, Kim Shelley. “We hope other businesses will follow their lead and take advantage of the opportunity to improve air quality through the Utah Clean Diesel program.”  

“Matt Stalsberg of ACE Recycling & Disposal goes above and beyond as a clean air advocate; the leadership of ACE Recycling & Disposal invests in clean air vehicles and infrastructure across Utah”, said Free Reyes, Executive Vice President Lancer Energy. “Their pioneering spirit means they are willing to take on the risks of being the first to adopt new technologies. Class-8 electric vehicles cost more than diesel, have more logistical hurdles, and require high power chargers. All those challenges aside; applying today’s leading-edge technologies allows ACE Recycling & Disposal to prepare for and build our renewable and suitable future. What an amazing thing it is to have a waste company that cleans our air.”

“BYD is the largest producer of electric vehicles in the world with a mission to change the world through technological innovation that reduces greenhouse gasses and our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Michael Stafford. Director Business Development BYD MOTORS LLC. “BYD MOTORS LLC is the only OEM who has a 100% vertically integrated drivetrain. BYD manufactures state-of-the-art batteries, controls and A/C motors for all truck products which includes ACE Recycling & Disposals’ 100% electric class 8 refuse truck.”

ACE Recycling & Disposal has been a long standing partner with Utah Clean Cities and is a leading fleet within the Beyond Zero Green Fleets Program. This program has provided key stakeholders, public and private fleets, leading utilities, and school districts with the necessary resources needed to convert to zero-emission and beyond-zero vehicle technologies. 

“The visionary Beyond Zero Green Fleet partner, ACE Recycling & Disposal, is a prominent Utah fleet leading the way with a climate-focused, beyond-zero emissions fleet model,” said Tammie Bostick, Utah Clean Cities Executive Director. “The Beyond Zero Green Fleets Program aims for 100% zero-emission at the tailpipe and has accomplished this goal with its larger legacy CNG fleet using renewable fuel sourcing. As Utahs’ top award-winning refuse company, we celebrate the leadership at ACE Recycling & Disposal for rolling out the first 100% electric hauler.” 

The Beyond Zero Green Fleets Program intends to support Utah communities in reducing emissions from trucks, buses, and other fleet vehicles to provide partnership opportunities through fleet consulting and connecting resources with fleets; including grants, incentives and other fleet building tools. This innovative fleet program is designed to connect key stakeholders across Utah to make a collaborative effort to educate, incentivize and support advanced fuels in Utah.

Visit https://utahcleancities.org/beyond-zero-green-fleet to learn more about Utah Clean Cities’ Beyond Zero Green Fleets Program and the benefits provided to partnering organizations, including fleet consultation, support for funding and annual event recognition. 


Event Details:

  • ACE Recycling & Disposal Ribbon Cutting Eventbrite
  • Thursday August 4th, 2022
  • Time: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM(MST)
  • Location: ACE Recycling & Disposal 2274 S Technology Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Event Agenda: 

  • 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM:  Reception and Breakfast 
  • 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM:  Speakers
      • Tammie Bostick | Executive Director, Utah Clean Cities 
      • Matt Stalsberg | Owner & General Manager, ACE Recycling & Disposal 
      • Kim Shelley | Executive Director, Utah Department of Environmental Quality
      • Free Reyes | Executive Vice President, Lancer Energy
      • Michael Stafford | Director Business Development, BYD MOTORS LLC
  • 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Tours, press interviews and networking
  • [Private interviews with the press and speakers]

Press Opportunities: If you were unable to attend this event but are interested in event coverage, contact Kelly Barrett from Utah Clean Cities for interview opportunities: text 801-638-4132 or email kelly.barrett@utahcleancities.org.



About Utah Clean Cities Coalition: Utah Clean Cities exists to support organizations and fleets in their efforts to contribute to clean air by reducing vehicle emissions. Through the promotion of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and fuel economy strategies, the coalition has worked to ease concerns about volatile gas prices and rising public and environmental health issues. Working closely with the federal and state government, as well as its stakeholders, UCC leverages its resources to bring funding into Utah to support the development and deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicles. www.utahcleancities.org