February 14th, 2022 — Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Clean Cities hosted the 2nd Annual Beyond Zero Green Fleet Awards Ceremony today. The event recognized outstanding Utah-based fleets, distinguished community leaders, and exceptional organizations that have committed to taking action and awareness to Utah’s challenging air quality issues. These honorees are committed to ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for all Utah communities. As we collectively continue to solve for emissions reductions and create healthier communities and environments, these honorees are taking on the challenge directly. 

This year, the award-winning company Lancer Energy is taking the Beyond Zero victory lap. Lancer Energy was established in the Salt Lake Valley in 1989 and currently serves 7 states in the Western U.S. Lancer joined Utah Clean Cities as a fleet innovator in 2000 by providing natural gas and propane vehicle conversions, fueling infrastructure and service. As of 2020, the company is utilizing state-of-the art technologies in compressed natural gas (CNG) in renewable form in vehicle conversions and stations.  Lancer Energy is now on the cutting edge of advancing hydrogen energy by bringing it to the forefront of the transportation industry. 

“With Advanced Fuels technologies, we are improving air quality and improving the economics for companies. Transitioning to 100% sustainable and renewable clean energy is not an “if” but a “when” proposition. For Lancer Energy, the when is now.” stated Scott Brandeberry, CEO of Lancer Energy.

The Beyond Zero program can help reduce oil-dependent economic risks for business while demonstrating environmental leadership. Adopting alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies also create goodwill for companies, and boosts employee health and morale. 

“It’s crucial for us all to work together for cleaner air in Utah. The collaboration of both private and public partnerships is of paramount importance as we tackle this challenge. As Utahns we applaud the companies, individuals and institutions both public and private partnerships that are willing to step forward and transition to clean applications that will have an immediate impact on our air quality. We will continue to do what we can in the legislature to encourage this transition.” stated Representative Melissa Ballard, 2021 Clean Air Leadership Awardee

For over 28 years, Utah Clean Cities has provided key stakeholders, public and private fleets, municipalities, school districts, and now, the Utah Inland Port, the necessary resources needed to convert to zero-emission and beyond-zero vehicle technologies.

“When we launched the new brand, Beyond Zero last year, we knew we were taking the high road.  In conceptualizing the innovative program we were not going to settle for near-zero-emissions or even zero-emission fleet modeling.  Instead, we created this active and measurable climate-focused fleet model,” said Tammie Bostick, Utah Clean Cities. “The Beyond Zero Green Fleets program assists fleets to move beyond 100% zero-emission and create a carbon benefit by using renewables with gaseous fuels, battery electric and hydrogen.” 

The program exists to support our communities in reducing emissions from trucks, buses, and other fleet vehicles to provide partnership opportunities through fleet consulting and connecting resources with fleets; including grants, incentives and other fleet building tools. This innovative fleet program is designed to connect key stakeholders across Utah, region and nation to make a collaborative effort to educate, incentivize and support advanced fuels in Utah and the world. 

In 2021, Utah Clean Cities partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to bring awareness to the impacts of idling on individuals and communities health and well-being through the launch of the new ‘Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free’ signage campaign. This update to our original imagery better reflects the reason why we are deeply concerned about emissions at drop off and pick up zones and high traffic areas in our communities. 

“Intermountain Healthcare’s mission is to help people live the healthiest lives possible. And breathing less air pollution means people will face lower risks of premature death and various other serious health effects. To ensure cleaner air, Intermountain has made environmental sustainability fundamental to work on reducing carbon pollution that is coming from the community and internal transportation choices and behaviors.” -Glen Garrick, Systems Sustainability Director, Intermountain Healthcare.

The newly branded idle free campaign made its debut this past fall at eighteen Intermountain Healthcare campuses. Remarkably, the high idle, high traffic zones found at hospitals and public schools are where our most vulnerable populations gather to attend school and those who are medically vulnerable: those who are on site to receive emergency care; bring home new babies; transport loved ones for welfare visits and return home after surgery. Through this partnership and campaign, the aim is to remind the visitors of healthcare facilities the importance of turning off idling vehicles to support the safety and well-being of employees, patients, and visitors.

“Intermountain Healthcare’s mission is to “help people live the healthiest lives possible.” As one of the State’s largest employers, we strive to limit the impact of our healthcare organization on Utah’s environment, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Additionally, we have developed air quality and health education for our patients, providers and the broader community so that they are empowered to act in ways that protect their health and the health of their loved ones” Dr. Liz Joy, MD, Healthcare Hero 2021 Awardee. 

The event was moderated by Utah Clean Cities’ Vice Chair, Kim Frost, UCAIR, and UCC’s Executive Director, Tammie Bostick. Utah Clean Cities awards recognitions included the Beyond Zero Green Fleet Legacy Partner, Community Impact awards, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Champions, Clean Air Heroes and included a recognition for the policy makers in the state, the Bi-partisan Clean Air Caucus.

Visit to learn more about Utah Clean Cities’ Beyond Zero Green Fleets Program and the benefits provided to partnering organizations, including fleet consultation, support for funding and annual event recognition. 

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