2019 ANNUAL FUEL REPORT: Call for Fleet Managers


Once you have completed this form, please send to Clean Cities Senior Project Manager, Emily Paskett: emily.paskett@utahcleancities.org. This data supports our work to accelerate the adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in Utah. Why do we need Utah Green Fleets? Read below for more information.

Why do we need Utah Green Fleets?

Transportation is the leading contributor to emissions and diesel particulate matter along the Wasatch Front. Diesel Particulate matter is a toxic air pollutant and linked with a host of serious health and environmental effects.

Reduces Risks- Worthy Business Model

We are living in a carbon-constrained world. It is a smart business move to take a hard look at how to minimize the risks and costs of our dependence on imported oil and the fluctuating cost associated with oil prices and world changes.

Creates Good Public Relations

Clean strategies for your business enhances your standing and image in the community. Improving your businesses fleets program to improve its environmental performance can help you reap the public relation benefits and helps you find ways to publicize your good work. Utah Clean Cities can help you improve your brand and provide community recognition for your clean initiatives.

Boost employee health, moral and productivity

A program to protect a our air quality in Utah can boost employee morale. Using less toxic products and incorporating “green” techniques and technologies has been shown to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and create team spirit for ones business and community.