Monitoring the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic

To our valued Clean Cities Members, Stakeholders and Colleagues:

The Utah Clean Cities Team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and understands that these are trying times. It is the priority of our organization to keep our coalition and community members healthy and safe so that we may overcome the challenges we currently face. 

We would like to offer a sincere thank you to all of our Transportation Heros that provide goods and services with dedicated trucking, fleet deliveries, sanitation, utility support and the uninterrupted delivery of essential goods such as medical supplies, groceries and emergency response* equipment. Please see the Coronavirus Resources at the Department of Transportation and the information hub at the American Trucking Association for your review and support. 

You can stay informed on the evolving situation of the coronavirus by visiting the World Health Organization or Center for Disease Control. We also encourage you to check-in with local resources such as the Salt Lake Tribune, the Utah Health Department and the Utah Coronavirus Task Force made up of public health agencies and a Coronavirus Task Force actively working to limit the spread of the coronavirus in Utah.

We are grateful that the Utah Clean Cities projects, remote meetings and outreach are still being supported by our dedicated team. Your patience and cooperation with responses and follow-ups are appreciated; as our staff is working remotely and staying healthy, while still bringing you the latest in UCC projects, industry news, funding announcements and advanced fuel tools!

I personally want to thank the UCC team of Emily Paskett, Rebekah Ashley, Jill Kirsling, Angela McKenzie and the entire Utah Clean Cities Board of Trustees for supporting the coalition as we make adjustments in work life, launch new contracts and navigate exciting grant opportunities.  

The good news is sure to follow this time of waiting and common-sense action.

In health and good wishes,

Tammie Bostick, 

Executive Director      

The Utah Clean Cities Coalition 


*Please see our Emergency Response and Resilience blog here. We invite you to become involved with our resilience work in the face of emergency and recovery, in Utah.

We are here to support you with any questions or concerns you may have and understand that everyone is impacted differently.