Blue Sky Message for Green Fleets and Zero Emissions

A Blue Sky Message for Green Fleets and Zero Emissions~  

As the air cleared and the roads managed a decreased flow of traffic, Utah saw blue skies and reduced emissions. The Utah Clean Cities team and our committed stakeholders are on the front lines of the change that is coming, and we are determined to see it as CLEAN & RENEWABLE for our next generations. Check out UCC’s  2019 Annual Report on clean fuels emission reductions in Utah.

To support this vision, UCC is the lead applicant for new and innovative opportunities with local, regional and national key partnerships on various Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies grants with Clean Cities and industry partners nationwide. 

The future rewards those who take advantage of opportunities. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 illustrates such opportunities. This stimulus package provided funding for clean vehicle projects, job opportunities, increased adoption of clean vehicle projects and increased development for advanced clean transportation infrastructure. Utah’s $14 million dollar ARRA grant is estimated to have multiplied green transportation in our beehive state five-fold. Even the most conservative estimates have the DOE VTO funded Clean Cities programs multiplying federal dollars at a 1-9 ratio. In Utah, thanks to our great stakeholder base and state leadership, we can claim upwards of $1 Federal matching $12 Local.

Utah Clean Cities is working to encourage, establish and maintain a zero near zero fleet recognition program. The newly revised Green Zero Near Zero (GreenZNZ) is designed for fleets of the future that utilize all renewable fuels including: electric, RNG/CNG, biofuels, autogas and hydrogen. We love our UCC Fleets and they are the force behind this program.

Furthermore, in anticipation of achieving our GreenZNZ Goals, UCC is continually working to launch our newly updated Green Fleet Program in Summer 2020. The Green Fleet Program generates transportation management plans that target zero emissions and climate resiliency through the use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. 

Utah Clean Cities extends our recognition and gratitude to the individuals involved in the essential workforce of transportation. As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, the transportation workforce has continued to provide goods and services with dedicated trucking, fleet deliveries, sanitation, utility support and delivery of essential goods. 

Three Cheers for Utah’s green fleets!