Utah Clean Cities met with Utah’s Washington D.C. leadership on March. We were privileged to be joined by a wide variety of Utah stakeholders in our D.C. leadership meetings. It allowed for Utah to not only be represented by Utah Clean Cities, but by businesses that are advocating for more alternative fuel work. It was a great opportunity to showcase how Utah Clean Cities is creating positive change in Utah and the Western United States. Without the support of our D.C. delegates Utah Clean Cites would not be able to do the work it has done or the work it is looking to accomplish. We cannot thank the D.C. leadership enough for listening to Utah Clean Cities and Utah Stakeholders.

We look forward to future collaboration with all Utah leadership in the pursuit of Clean Air, Clean Fuel, & Clean Strategies.

Energy Independence Summit 2022 brought together leaders of the nation’s Clean Cities Coalitions, the clean transportation industry, the Biden Administration and Congress to discuss new strategies for advancing markets for clean fuels and vehicles.

LEARN the latest information about the tens of billions of dollars the federal government will invest in clean transportation technologies over the next five years.

HEAR from the leaders of the EPA Clean School Bus Program, the DOT Fueling Infrastructure Program, and the DOE Clean Hydrogen Program about how they plan to roll out funding later this spring.

MEET with your House and Senate offices to make sure they know how important it is to continue to invest in clean transportation programs and technologies that benefit all communities.

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