The Energy Transition: The Knowns & Unknowns

Join Carbon Tracker and Responsible Investor for an exclusive webinar.

This webinar will present Carbon Tracker’s latest report The A-Z of the Energy Transition: Knowns and Unknowns, examining the areas of relative certainty in the energy transition, driven largely by technological development and market forces. These trends are driving continuing declines in the cost of renewable energy and leading to tipping points in those areas where demand for fossil fuel energy is peaking.

A second focus of the webinar will be on more complex uncertainty, mostly relating to questions of political economy. Resistance to change may have the effect of slowing the transition in certain geographies or sectors, whilst a more aggressive approach to change can accelerate the transition in other regions or industries.

Speaker: Kingsmill Bond, New Energy Strategist for Carbon Tracker and member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Energy

Moderator: Hugh Wheelan, Joint Managing Director and Co-founder, Responsible Investor