Enhance Your Fleet Maintenance Program with Best-in-Class Motor Pool Technology

Already have a fleet maintenance system but need a robust motor pool system? No problem. Adding a motor pool solution to your fleet toolbox is no different than having a separate Accounting system or Risk Management System. Now that cloud-based solutions can share data seamlessly between technology platforms, the barriers that once made us think we could only have one system are behind us. It’s easier than ever to have the best-of-the-best maintenance AND motor pool systems working for you. Now is the perfect time to benefit from the savings (and right-sizing) a robust motor pool can bring to your organization. Let us show you how it’s done.

Industry experts cover how fleet managers can implement a robust motor pool solution without having to switch to a whole new fleet maintenance system. During this webinar, Jason Allen, System Administrator with Scott County MN’s fleet, will also give insight on how his fleet successfully runs an automated motor pool while using another FMIS to manage other aspects of his fleet program, significantly reducing costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • What factors will help you decide if “two systems are better than one”
  • How to easily launch a self-service motor pool without interrupting current fleet management processes
  • How to seamlessly integrate motor pool technology and avoid startup mistakes
  • How Scott County has reduced costs, improved service, and saved time and money for taxpayers

Webinar Speakers:

  • Agile Fleet, Ed Smith, President
  • Scott County, Minnesota Fleet, System Administrator, Jason Allen