Enhancing Federal Clean Energy Innovation

A widespread and rapid transition to low-carbon energy by 2050 is essential to keep pace with ambitious policy goals and avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Historically, energy transitions have taken 50-100 years from initial breakthrough to widespread adoption, which means this transition must be implemented on a much shorter time scale.

The National Academies convened a workshop series to examine barriers and highlight successful strategies for accelerating clean energy innovation across the federal government. These webcast events feature timely, action-oriented assessments of how to strengthen demand for new clean energy technologies and facilitate cross-agency and cross-sector collaboration to solve today’s energy challenges.


  • The Imperative to Accelerate Energy Innovation
  • Strategies for Acceleration: Strengthening User Pull
  • Strategies for
  • Acceleration: Leveraging and Learning from the Department of Defense
  • Managing DOE’s RD&D Portfolio
  • Expert Roundtable
  • Advanced Manufacturing and the Climate Crisis: Changes and Opportunities
  • Thinking Globally
  • Next Steps