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Idle Free Utah 2021

September 1, 2021

Join Utah Clean Cities Coalition & Utah Clean Air partners for the 14th Annual Governor’s Declaration Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free Month and Season 2021-22!

We invite you to view our official announcement that will be released on September 1st, 2021, at 11 AM.

This year, we are hosting a virtual announcement to share the official kickoff of Idle Free Month and Season, 2021-2022.

The pre-recorded video will be available at 11 AM (MST) via our YouTube channel

Thank you for your commitment to being Idle Free and choosing Blue Skies!


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Do Yourself A Favor: ‘Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free!’

Brinley Wilson, Utah Clean Cities What Is Idling?  Idling is running a vehicle’s propulsion engine when the vehicle isn’t moving. While idling can be difficult to avoid or even necessary for some vehicles, such as to provide a source of power for primarily on-duty police vehicles or semi-truck drivers, most idling is wasteful and avoidable.  […]


UCC Statement of Solidarity in Racial Justice, Equity and Accessibility

UCC Statement of Solidarity in Racial Justice, Equity and Accessibility Utah Clean Cities acknowledges and condemns racism, racially motivated violence and discrimination in all of its forms. We support and demand justice among communities of color, in Utah and nationwide.  Systemic racism demands systemic solutions that are based on listening, learning, empathy, solidarity and action. […]


Celebrating Untamed Ogden’s Air

Celebrating Untamed Ogden’s Air What does it mean to have a sense of place? Why do certain places have greater meaning for us than others? Why are some people drawn to the desert, while others to the mountains or water? Setting aside a land formation from the land surrounding it by naming it, describing it, […]

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Utah Legislative Updates 2019

Follow along with the bills Utah Clean Cities is tracking this year throughout the 2019 Utah State Legislative Session. By Ashley Miller, Breathe Utah H.B. 107 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act Amendments HB107 allows the Utah Public Service Commission to authorize a large-scale natural gas utility to establish programs that promote sustainable energy solutions. […]


One Plus One and the 11th Annual Declaration for Idle Free In Utah

One plus one and the 11th Annual Declaration for Idle Free In Utah What does eleven mean?  One more than ten and yet, in 2018, it means in one year so much can happen.  Does one year make a difference?  I think it can. The collective of many “ones” seems to be the spirit of […]



Read the Idle free special edition post here  


Reminder: Turn the Key, Be Idle Free!

The sights and smells of back-to-school are here: new pencils and paper, first-day clothes, and the hint of fall in the air. It’s an exciting time for many kids, parents, and teachers as we enter another year and get back into the school day routine. And with the return of that familiar routine, we’d like […]

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Idling Is Getting Us Nowhere Fast!

Idling is gets us nowhere fast! Ten years ago, my niece came to my mountain home and announced her class was campaigning to stop the dirty old school buses from idling at her Morningside school.  She talked expertly about carbon footprints, asthma, and PM 2.5.  I was getting my first education on the dire effects […]


September 1, 2021




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