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Understanding Vehicle Smog Ratings

Have you ever wondered what all that information means on the EPA sticker you see when buying a new car? Continue reading and we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Why a Rating?

Fuel combusting Vehicles emit smog forming emissions, such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. These emissions form that brownish haze you’ll see over cities in the summer time. The emissions get trapped close to the ground and make it difficult for some people to breathe, especially those lung disease such as asthma.

The EPA sticker not only tells you how many MPG a vehicle can achieve or how much fuel savings you can get, but also how the vehicle compares to others in giving off these emissions. This is the Smog Rating. See the illustration below to become more familiar with the EPA sticker. The higher the Smog Rating, the cleaner the vehicle.

EPA sticker

The higher the Smog Rating, the cleaner the vehicle

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