Improving Driver Safety with Real-Time Parking Notifications and Safety Alerts

Drivers are critical to the protection and maintenance of our supply chains, not just in hard times, but at all times. That’s why it’s critical we keep our drivers safe and our freight on the move.

Drivers nor Fleet Safety Managers have the time or resources to brief each other on all high-risk areas along a route, keep track of changing open/closed statuses at rest areas, or determine whether space is available at an upcoming open truck parking site.

Learn how new in-cab safety notifications are effectively reducing preventable accidents and delivering never before seen data to drivers when they need it most. You will walk away with a better understanding of how risky driving behaviors and uncertain environments can be mitigated, and how to leverage new technology to improve driver safety.

Key Takeaways:

  • The tangible ways in which GPS hazard-based warnings are improving driver behaviors and overall safety
  • How one of North America’s largest fleets significantly improved driver safety over the course of a multi-year pilot
  • How a never before seen technology is delivering peace of mind to drivers in their time of need


Speaker: Brian Mofford, VP of Government Experience, Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS)