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Rocky Mountain Power and Utah Clean Cities is fostering clean-air citizenship by working with vehicle fleets, fuel and energy providers, community leaders, and others to reduce petroleum use in transportation. The nationally recognized idle-free campaign, Green Fleet initiatives, and consultation resources help guide individuals and businesses toward cleaner transportation solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Utah Clean Cities helps its members obtain grants and/or loans for the use of electric vehicles (EVs) which reduce oil-dependent risk and offer zero emissions at the tail pipe. UCC is doing their part to help Utahns reduce harmful emissions one car at a time, whether it be working or playing in our beautiful state.

Work Electric is a workplace recognition and sustainability program to empower stakeholders to become sustainability leaders by adopting electric vehicles into their fleets along with workplace charging units. The Work Electric program provides the most advanced transportation plan supported by modern analytic tools to help you advance your short- term goals and plan for the future.

2021 Fuel Economy Guide 

The 2021 Fuel Economy Guide PDF is now available at FuelEconomy.gov. The Guide is published annually by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and offers data on current model year (MY) vehicles.

Visit FuelEconomy.gov to find the guide and search for vehicles.

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