Mindful Mobility – Tech Talks

Watch two sets of Mindful Mobility Tech Talks: “The Electric Vehicle ‘How To’ Series” and “Addressing Workforce Fundamental Training for EV’s and ADAS.”



The Electric Vehicle “How To” Series

Part I: Preparing For Your Electric Transition

You have considered or decided to go electric. You’ve seen the EV 101 course a hundred times, done some research, and understand the basics—there’s a lot of information out there, but where do you start? This three-part series covers those next steps. In Part I, learn how to approach fleet transitions, including charging infrastructure and utility engagement.


Part II: Preparing For Infrastructure

In Part II: Preparing For Infrastructure, speakers highlighted approaches to charging infrastructure for the workplace, public networks, and regional corridors.

Joining us as guest speakers were Tammie Bostick, Joanna Bell, and John Mikulin from Utah Clean Cities, San Francisco Clean Cities, and US EPA, respectively. Tammie shared her cutting edge Workplace Electric Case Study. Joanna highlighted considerations for publicly accessible charging networks from her Harvard Kennedy School capstone project. John Mikulin explained regional electric infrastructure initiative/developments (AFICC).


Part III: Preparing For The Next Level

In the final part of this webinar series, Part III gave a preview of what’s out there and what’s coming: trucks, buses, and infrastructure development

Special thanks to Tony Cademarti from the City of Everett, Washington; Michael McDonald from UPS; and John Mikulin from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Tony Cademarti highlighted his experiences on deploying electric buses, real issues, and why he’s buying more. Michael McDonald shared his experience with medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and the state of technology. John Mikulin wrapped up the webinar with an overview of existing policies and programs encouraging development and deployment of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission powertrain technologies in the United States.

Addressing Workforce Fundamental Training for EV’s and ADAS

Seminar I: Preparing Your Workforce For Tomorrow’s Transportation Industry

With the adoption of new technologies, the workforce needs to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences to support them. As EV’s and Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) become more common at all levels of transportation, technicians will be able to apply their existing mechanical and electrical foundations, along with newly acquired skills, to properly service these systems.
Listen to panelists Scott Brown- Industry Ambassador Diagnostic Network and Kurt Shadbolt-Instructor, Chabot College Automotive Technology and moderator Ken Mays-Professor of Automotive Technology/Program Director begin the series by addressing workforce fundamental training in the automotive technology industry.

Our discussion will focus on:
(1) What do technicians need to know
(2) What do technicians need to be able to do
(3) Discover commonalities of these systems between automotive, collision and “Fleet” as it applies to workforce training on these technologies


Seminar II: Preparing Your Workforce For Tomorrow’s Transportation Industry

The adoption of EV’s at all levels of the transportation is growing rapidly. While the majority of vehicle systems will not be affected, Powertrains will require a new level of knowledge, skills and experiences.
Listen to discussion between moderator Ken Mays, Professor and Director of Automotive Technology at Central Oregon Community College and guest speaker Dr. Mark Quarto, Founder and CTO of Future Tech discuss the foundation training topics to safely service, diagnose and repair EV Powertrain systems.


Seminar III: ADAS Foundations for Technicians

The most anticipated transportation technology is Autonomous Vehicles, yet today’s ADAS systems are the foundation that allows this to become a reality. The adoption of ADAS across transportation utilizes many existing systems in conjunction with various sensors and cameras. In this webinar, the foundation knowledge, skills and experiences applicable to automotive, collision, and “Fleet” technicians for ADAS are discussed. Special thanks to Ken Mays, Kurt Shadbolt, and Scott Brown for another great webinar full of important content.


Seminar IV: How Do I Prepare My Service Facilities for EV’s and ADAS

As transportation evolves, service facilities will need to adapt to meet their unique needs. In this session we will identify and discuss some of the universal facility and equipment needs to safely and correctly service these systems. Special thanks to Ken Mays, Richard Battersby, and Scott Brown for a webinar full of content.


Seminar V: Industry and Education Partnerships: Building Workforce Advocates to drive Education Opportunities and Funding

As customer and regulatory demands redefine transportation this creates additional pressures for workforce preparedness. In this session we will discuss the increased need for new partnerships and advocacy to meet this challenge.