Mobility’s Future: Adapting to Meet the Demands of the Next Generation

With the convergence of technology and the changing attitudes of Generation Z — the generation born after the turn of the century — fleet managers are going need to shift their approach to mobility from just providing a vehicle to a diverse, ever-adaptable approach to employee mobility.

In this forward-looking webinar, a panel of industry experts will engage in a wide-ranging discussion addressing how the coming generation may — or more likely will — necessitate a change in the way your company approaches employee transportation, including:

  • The growing demand for electric and/or other non-traditional vehicles.
  • The increasing use of on-demand services in place of dedicated vehicles.
  • The impact of the growing population of young non-drivers on company productivity.
  • The implications of changes in work patterns as a consequence of the pandemic.

By getting a glimpse of what to expect from this new generation and how to meet their demands, you will be better prepared to keep your fleet both cutting-edge and productive.

Meet the Speakers

Chris Baker
VP, Commercial Sales, e-Mobility
Enel X North America
Amanda E. Rogers
VP, Marketing & Innovation
Merchants Fleet
Mark Thomas
VP, Marketing & Strategic Alliances Ridecell