The Utah Department of Transportation is more than just roads. We are responsible for providing transportation choices through a multimodal transportation system that strengthens the economy and enhances quality of life in communities throughout the state. Roads, transit and active transportation must all work together to complement each other.


UDOT is responsible to plan, design, build, maintain and operate the state highway system. The system includes major roads that move a lot of traffic over a long distance, such as the interstate


UDOT works closely with local transit providers to serve the greatest benefit overall with both of our systems.

Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to human powered travel, usually walking and biking. UDOT plans, develops and improves facilities for the use of pedestrians and bicyclists.

UDOT is also responsible for other elements of transportation including commercial motor carriers, aeronautics and even a ferry in Southern Utah.

Strategic Direction

UDOT’s Strategic Direction is built on the foundation of three Strategic Goals that guide and direct everything we do. The Strategic Direction is data- and performance-driven and is constantly updated to reflect what we are doing to meet these goals.

Zero Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities

UDOT is committed to safety, and we won’t rest until we achieve zero crashes, zero injuries and zero fatalities. Zero is the only acceptable goal.

Optimize Mobility

UDOT optimizes traffic mobility by adding roadway capacity and incorporating innovative design and traffic management strategies. We are pioneering technology and project delivery methods.

Preserve Infrastructure

We believe good roads cost less, and through proactive preservation we maximize the value of our infrastructure investment for today and in the future.

Department Organization & Information

UDOT has several divisions that are responsible for helping the department reach these goals as well as involvement with other government bodies. Information about these divisions and resources for legislators and the Transportation Commission as well as details about special projects and programs can be found on the pages below