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Drive Clean Rural USA - Utah

Helping Rural Utah Benefit from Clean Fuels & Vehicles

Drive Clean Rural USA is bringing together rural government leaders, business owners, fleet managers, farmers, and industry experts to accelerate rural communities’ access to clean fuel transportation solutions.

Transportation Energy Partners (TEP), through funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, has developed the “Helping Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles” project. This project, with participating Clean Cities and Communities, will provide outreach, education, and technical assistance to local county government decision makers in eight target states (Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah, Washington State and Oregon) to help them transition their fleets to cleaner fuels and vehicles. The project will have a special focus on counties serving rural communities, since those areas face unique challenges in acquiring the information, the local staff capacity, and the funding needed to explore and utilize new technologies.


Drive Clean Rural USA is an 8-state pilot project funded by DOE. Participating county government and private fleet partners will receive free assistance from Clean Cities and Communities in the eight states and our industry partners.

Drive Clean Rural USA is a 3-phase project that will run through June 2024

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Drive Clean Rural USA - Utah

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