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East Zion Electric Vehicle Shuttle System Project

EVZion will demonstrate a small-scale environmentally sound, zero-emission, electric vehicle (EV) shuttle system through the east entrance of Zion National Park (ZNP). The project has been designed for universal scalability, with deployment in other high-traffic, environmentally sensitive National and State Parks throughout the United States.

  • EV development and deployment pilot study
  • Regional transportation system
  • Scale-able & replicate-able
  • Increase regional resiliency and connectivity
  • Mitigates environmental impacts
  • Reduction in energy consumption, vehicle traffic and pollutant emissions, and ambient noise.
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Celebrating Zion National Park's Fleet 2020 Beyond Zero Green Fleet of The Year Award

Join us in celebrating Zion National Park with the first ever Utah Clean Cities and Communities Beyond Zero Green Fleets Award! We are delighted to highlight the propane shuttle fleet that has served the park for over twenty years. Thank you and congratulations Zion National Park!

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