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Work Electric

Empowering workplaces to become sustainability leaders by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles & charging in their
fleets, at their buildings and within workplace culture.

How will it benefit my business?

Electric cars have much lower fuel costs compared to conventional vehicles. While still not as ubiquitous as gas stations, EV charging stations are increasing rapidly. Public EV charging locations surpassed 55,000 nationwide and 800 in Utah in 2023. Beyond the fuel savings, businesses can also qualify for federal tax credits and state incentives buying electric or hybrid vehicles. Not a bad deal, considering electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions!

Work Electric is based on three principles Add, Expand, & Convert.

  • Add one or more plug-in EVs to your workplace benefit and fleet with EV charging.
  • Expand EV Fleet and EVSE Infrastructure following a planned replacement schedule.
  • Convert your fleet operations with a full-electric conversion and brand your Beyond Zero Fleet

Work Electric + Fleet + Charging = RECOGNITION

Workplace Charging Incentives & Programs


Leaders for Clean Air is a non-profit partner with Utah Clean Cities providing free EV charging stations to any Utah business or multi-family development. They can also help plan, design, and implement larger-scale projects.

Rebates are available to Utah businesses, communities, and multi-unit properties for both Level 2 and DC fast chargers through Rocky Mountain Power. Rebates can cover up to 75% of total charger and installation costs, as detailed in the table below.

Utah Clean Cities is a coalition member of the nationwide EMPOWER workplace charging initiative. Many employers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and one great way to do that is to encourage EV adoption among employees by providing EV charging at work. EMPOWER offers resources and support to workplaces in pursuit of these goals.

Electrification Coalitions “Local Government Playbook”

Local governments will play an instrumental role in ensuring these funds are implemented efficiently, effectively, and equitably. This playbook is intended to serve as a tool for counties, cities, and towns to support the deployment of EV infrastructure and create the conditions for the successful implementation of BIL-funded programs. The following pages contain numerous approaches to prepare local governments to develop effective EV charging programs and leverage federal investment to support their transportation electrification goals. Topics covered include near- and longterm policy recommendations, state and regional planning, stakeholder engagement, community engagement, and site planning. View Local Government Playbook here!

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The Utah Clean Cities Board of Directors and staff welcomes inquiries from interested community members, businesses and organizations. You’ll find our team helpful and inclusive. We look forward to helping you get started with a Utah Clean Cities membership, and involved in one (or more) of our many programs or grants today!