Reaching the Cost Tipping Point for Commercial Electric Vehicles

Not many fleet managers would deny they are feeling the pressure to explore fleet electrification. Fewer still would likely argue that the biggest barrier to going electric has historically been the cost. But with factors such as regulation, zero emission zones, and public opinion gaining momentum, electrification may be a foregone conclusion.

Join Lightning eMotors for an informative webinar! They’ll run the numbers that prove that the cost of moving people and cargo with electric vehicles has reaching a tipping point enabling fleets to save money every month and address looming sustainability requirements at the same time. Learn:

  • Where initial costs are now and where we expect them to go over the next two years
  • How the total cost of ownership for electric compares to traditional gas or diesel vehicles and where it is going
  • The questions you should be asking commercial electric vehicle vendors to assure you get the biggest bang for your buck when deploying CEVs
  • The optimal time to pull the trigger on the electrification

If fleet electrification is on your mind, this is a is a not-to-be missed opportunity to learn how and when to move forward.

Presenter: Tim Reeser, CEO & Co-Founder of Lightening eMotors