Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference Series 2020

The Evolving World of Telematics–Real Time Information for Fleet Performance

This free session on “The Evolving World of Telematics–Real-Time Information for Fleet Performance” will feature an expert panel covering the applications and power of real-time information in managing your fleet. Telematics is not just GPS tracking. Telematics can provide real-time access to information that is important to your operations and goals and will increase efficiency, up time, level of service, safety and more. Gain knowledge on how to better understand your fleet and make informed and smart decisions.


Gaseous Fuels (Natural Gas & Propane) Trends and Applications

This free session on “Gaseous Fuels Trends and Applications” will feature an expert panel covering trends, technology advances and success stories for natural gas and propane in the fleet industry. Both are domestic, reliable, safe clean burning fuels that are being used successfully in many applications by public and private fleets across the country. Learn how it can work for your operations.


The Green Garage  – How to Make Your Garage More Sustainable

Learn what it means and how to be a green garage. Also, learn about the soon to be launched Green Garage Contest from The 100 Best Fleets. See how you compare to your peers. Just by participating and completing the application you will understand your operations better and identify opportunities to become better. With pressure to be more sustainable and to do more with less, this will be a valuable event and exercise.


Electrification of Regional Haul Trucking

Successful implementation of Commercial Battery Electrical Vehicles (CBEVs) and related hybrids, will require collaboration beyond existing partners in the trucking industry today. This expert panel will bring together fleets, OEMs, suppliers as well as the new members to the trucking industry team, utilities and charging system suppliers. The session will have a combination of presentations and panel discussions with a question and answer session of the key topics that will be critical to bringing all of these parties together for integration into freight transportation. The speakers will include representatives of all of these areas so as to provide a framework and perspective into the benefits and challenges that lie ahead.

NACFE has released guidance reports and executive summaries that provide the trucking industry with documented insights and illustrations to lead the transition. These reports include:

  • Electric Trucks: Where They Make Sense
  • Medium-Duty Electric Trucks: Cost of Ownership
  • Amping Up: Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks
  • Viable Class 7/8 Electric, Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Tractors