A Tale of Two Fleets: ANG Cuts Costs & Carbon Footprints

For light-duty fleets searching for a cost-effective, performance-enhancing alternative fuel, adsorbed natural gas (ANG) promises to provide the power these fleets need at a price point that won’t be a budget breaker.

In this informative webinar, Peter Barber, Ph.D., business development manager – performance materials for Ingevity, will lead attendees through two recent, successful ANG pilots with fleets using Ford F-150 pickups.

Attendees will learn about the benefits, unexpected results, and challenges these fleets experienced and how that could translate into savings for attendees’ fleets, including:

  • Realizing significant reductions in fuel costs
  • Seeing shrinkage of fleets’ carbon footprint
  • Implementing successful use of home fueling to improve efficiency

Presenter: Dr. Peter Barber, Business Development Manager, ANG Automotive, Performance Material, Ingevity