How Technology Is Changing the Way Shippers, Brokers & Carriers Communicate

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the fundamental need for a strong, uninterrupted supply chain. With most businesses having to operate remotely, communication has become the critical linchpin in ensuring that goods are getting from Point A to Point B.

Heavy Duty Trucking and EKA discuss how ever-evolving communication technology has added visibility and accountability into every link in the supply chain, transforming the way suppliers, brokers, and carriers communicate, including with:

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile technology and apps
  • Transportation management solutions

While the past few months have brought economic uncertainty, by implementing solutions that add versatility, transparency, and scalability, you will be able to equip your business with the means to meet the ongoing demands on your supply chain.

Meet the Speakers
Brian Johnson
Ryan Farrell
Wilson Logistics
Jim Best
Chief Growth Officer
EKA Solutions