UCC Statement of Solidarity in Racial Justice, Equity and Accessibility

UCC Statement of Solidarity in Racial Justice, Equity and Accessibility

Utah Clean Cities acknowledges and condemns racism, racially motivated violence and discrimination in all of its forms. We support and demand justice among communities of color, in Utah and nationwide. 

Systemic racism demands systemic solutions that are based on listening, learning, empathy, solidarity and action. No matter what lane we occupy in driving a sustainable future, we can and will find ways to center and support racial justice. The ongoing movement of social justice presents us with an opportunity to listen to one another, heighten our awareness, increase our compassion and heed the call to action that must happen now.

As an organization focused on transportation and sustainability, we want to ensure equitable access to resources for individuals from all communities that will lead to a positive change in the clean, safe and healthy communities that we all deserve.

We are committed to listening. We are committed to action. 

We are committed to being mindful of diverse voices in our workplace and elevating the voices of people of color.   We will engage with and listen intently to communities that have been marginalized by structural racism. We will provide decision-makers with up to date information and opportunities that promote social justice and equity and work in earnest to improve the economic opportunity of all Utahns. 

We are committed to providing free Idle Free materials and resources for all schools in Utah. We support students who want to contribute to the solutions for our changing climate by hosting their stories and art and helping them campaign at their schools for air quality and idle-free education. 

We are committed to providing strategies to transition to clean and renewable transportation systems in communities of color thus offering emission-free transport in areas that are most affected by Utah’s poor air quality.

We are committed to elevating the voices of people of color to make necessary systemic changes. 


-Utah Clean Cities Team