The Unpaved Road to Commercializing Battery Electric Freight Trucks

Join ACT News for a webinar presented in partnership with Volvo LIGHTS.

With the world’s largest truck OEMs on a path to commercialization, we are on the cusp of a complete paradigm shift in commercial trucking. Electric trucks will lead to improved working conditions and potentially simplified vehicle maintenance while reducing noise and improving air quality—especially in crowded urban areas and freight corridors.

While there are many promising future benefits, the road to the successful widescale deployment of electric trucks is one with many twists and turns. In Southern California, fifteen organizations are working together on a project called Volvo LIGHTS to design a successful blueprint to commercialize electric trucks for freight movement.

This webinar will present:

  • The importance of good communication among project stakeholders
  • Who should be consulted or actively involved in the planning for your acquisition
  • How the parameters of your current business could impact your decisions
  • Ways to expedite your overall project timeline