Utah Clean Cities’ 25th Anniversary

THANK YOU to everyone that made this evening unforgettable. This anniversary was an opportunity for recollections and reflections of the years gone by and a positive opportunity to plan for the years ahead.

Night to Celebrate the Future of Transportation- Utah Clean Cities’ 25th Anniversary Celebration

As we celebrated our 25 Year Anniversary, we celebrated the sustainers and leadership of the Department of Energy Clean Cities Programs, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County Environmental Health Department, Division of Air Quality, and the Governor’s Office of Energy Development.  We recognized the dedicated leaders who are building electrified fleets like Packsize, Salt Lake City Fleet, Park City,  and Zions National Park and the electrification work of SELECT with Dr. David Christensen and Dr. Regan Zane.

As our grid system becomes more diversified and cleaner with renewables, we thank you Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Customers, so do the electric vehicles customers that run on electricity.  Three big cheers for Rocky Mountain Power and their commitment to Utah with the STEP program and the DOE WestSmart EV– the Live and Work Electric program.  Their work has helped complete our EV Highway across Utah and with neighboring sister states.  Thank you Rocky Mountain Power for you partnership with Park City and supporting their tremendous accomplishment with their electric Proterra bus system; thus helping them achieve the Greenest City in Utah Award in 2018.


And to the resourceful people like Lancer Group, Utah Transit Authority, United Parcel Services, Rio Tinto, Utah State University, Geneva Rock and the many Utah refuse haulers like ACE Recycling, Waste Management, Robinson Waste, Momentum Recycling, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County who are building advanced fleet working with clean burning CNG and advancing their fleets with new technologies such as near-zero emission engines.  We thank Dominion Energy for their renewed dedication to the Utah Clean Cities mission of clean fuels with their current leadership to expand fueling for the Green Fleets in Utah. By using advanced fuels, we create greener fleets and is a part of clean air advocacy.

  • And further our Green Fleets are working with emerging renewable fuels, such as renewable natural gas, RNG, and combining them with near zero engines. With these renewables (which all fuels can be renewable) they are taking carbon out of the environment, thus lessening greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants.

We celebrate our nationally recognized Idle Free program that had hit new highs in 2018 with 8 cities with Idle Free ordinances and 71 Utah Mayors signing with the Governor’s Declaration for Idle Free- those mayors represent more than ¾ of Utahns and all of SLC County with 17 or the states largest cities. Thank you Park City, Salt Lake City, Logan, Murray, Holladay, Cottonwood Heights and Sandy City for your leadership.  Thank you to the Governor’s office for supporting this program for 11 years making Turn the Key, Be Idle Free Utah’s most beloved clean air advocacy program and state-wide environmental movement.


Thank you Breathe Utah, UCAIR, Utah State Board of Education and Utah Society for Environmental Education, USEE for your dedication to Turn the Key, Be Idle Free. We have Idle Free school bus policies and over 400 Idle Free schools and four entire school districts, thank you.  Thank you to all the Utah businesses that have embraced the Idle Free driver coaching and policies that have seen millions of gallons of fuel wasted.  Three cheers to Rio Tinto for their commitment, and unprecedented fuel savings and emission reductions with their fleet program; which included driver training, idle reduction and a large portfolio of advanced fuel vehicles such as clean burning natural gas, biofuels, and now they are leading the industry with new technologies and electrification.  Thank you to the Department of Administrative Services, DAS, and the Governor’s Motor Vehicle Review Board for supporting smart mobility and driver coaching resulting in right-sized fleets and reduced idling. Finally, thank you to the Bipartisan Clean Air

Caucus, Representative Lowry Snow and Representative Patrice Arent. Your legislative work has paved the way to further clean Utah’s air.

We have so many reasons to celebrate, here are a few.

Utah Clean Cities’ 25th Silver Anniversary

Stakeholders, individuals, community members and businesses are Clean Cities champions in the past 25 years with Utah Clean Cities. We held a silent award ceremony for these businesses and individuals with certificates and trophies at their tables. Please view the photos from the event throughout and at the end of this post.

We’d like to thank our sponsors who helped make this Silver Anniversary Celebration so memorable.  Thank you.

71 Mayors that signed the 11th Annual Governors’ Idle Free Declaration

In September, we held the Governors’ Declaration of Idle Free Month of September and Winter 2018-2019 Season.  More information, Idle Free materials and the Declaration can be found here. Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free. Protect Blue Skies, Breathe Easier. Utah Clean Cities and its stakeholders have distributed over 20,000 Idle Free decals and more than 300 permanent outdoor Idle Free signs. UCC continues working with communities to encourage drivers to turn off their vehicles when idling for more than 10 seconds. In recent years, the Idle Free campaign has been incorporated and adapted by other organizations—including cities, schools, businesses and air quality organizations. UCC has also enjoyed working with groups outside the state, including other coalitions, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Argonne National Laboratory.



10th Annual Anniversary Governors’ Declaration for Advanced and Alternative Fuels

Utah Clean Cities and the Governor’s Office of Energy Development celebrate together the 10 Year Anniversary and Annual Declaration of their Partnership for Advanced Fuels and Infrastructure in Utah.  We are especially thankful and grateful for the leadership of Dr. Laura Nelson and her dedication to the Utah Clean Cities mission of Clean Fuels, Clean Strategies and Clean Air.  

  • Utah has a complete alternative fuel corridor across the state beginning in Idaho running along I-15 and meeting up with sister state Nevada.
  • Utah has the largest per capita natural gas infrastructure in the nation running a close second to the larger state of Oklahoma
  • This corridor has over 231 Public alternative fueling stations; including electric, CNG, LNG, and Autogas Propane. Watch for emerging hydrogen and super-fast charging!
  • Utah completed its Mighty Five and Electric Highway this summer continuing its goal to connect Disneyland to Yellowstone Park thus making it one of the most complete electric highways in the nation!
  • Utah’s Governor Herbert and Colorado Governor Hickenlooper created the REVWest Memorandum of Understanding in 2017 bring eight (8) Regional States together to create one of the largest electric corridors in the nation
  • Utah Clean Cities is a partner with the Live & Work Electric Grant which is supporting the expansion of electric charging one Utah Business at a time with the Live and Work Electric Program


View the Governor’s Office of Energy Development Video for the 10 Year Alternative Fuel Declaration here:



The Future of Transportation- Electric, Autonomous, Shared & Continuous

Dr. Regan Zane, a SELECT Founder and Professor in Electrical Engineering, talked with the attendees about the future of transportation– electric, autonomous, shared and continuous. As we grow as a nation, infrastructure integration seems to be the next large step to move transportation forward, including Electric Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer, community shared roadways with autonomous vehicles. Increased amounts of electric highways, alternative fueling stations along major roadways, and grid infrastructure will all move transportation forward into a cleaner and more economically viable future.



Thank you Dr. David Christensen for your leadership and support of Utah Clean Cities as the Chair of Board of Directors.



View the Electric Corridor Video here:


Robin Erickson and her unparalleled leadership and dedication to Clean Cities for over 20 years .  We announced the new graduate scholarship fund for the Utah Clean Cities Robin Erickson Legacy Scholarship

Many know Utah Clean Cities and in this knowing, they know Robin Erickson.  Robin has been an integral part of the organization and her tireless work for the coalition is nationally recognized and locally honored. We continually learn from her hard work and dedication, as she led Utah Clean Cities for 10 years. She administered the ARRA grant for Utah with record successes. Her work assisted Clean Cities Programs nation-wide to reach new heights with the Idle Free program and integrating alternative fuels to clean our air.

Her legacy will always continue with the introduction of the Utah Clean Cities Robin Erickson Legacy Scholarship. Each year starting in 2019, Utah Clean Cities will award a Graduate Student with similar dedication for transportation with the Robin Erickson Legacy Scholarship.

Thank you Robin for your unwavering leadership, we would not be where we are today without your work.

Continuous leadership of Senator Orrin Hatch and J.J. Brown Clean Air legislation, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Act and the Freedom Act and building the foundation of the, now nation-wide, Clean Cities organization

For two decades, J.J. Brown served on the staff of Senator Orrin G. Hatch’s energy and environmental committee, in Washington, DC. Drafting many ideas into bills and ushering dozens of bills into law for the Senator. He worked with, at least, seven Senate Committees and their House counterparts. The work of J.J. Brown and Senator Orrin Hatch accomplished paved the way for the National Clean Cities Program.


Leadership and dedication from Royal DeLegge, Chairperson of the Board


Dr. Royal DeLegge came on to the UCC board several years ago and became the president in 2015. His dedication to the board and to Utah Clean Cities has set

our non-profit organization on a renewed path of continued success and ensured we have the support we need from our dream team board as we plan for the future. Thank you Dr. DeLegge.



November 1st we celebrated our Silver Anniversary. It is mostly about the special people who dedicated their time to join us that makes it truly celebratory. We look forward to another 25 years- a time to build and strengthen our relationships, work together, reach our important climate milestones. Thank you, one and all, for being with Utah Clean Cities, for a long time or newly acquainted, may you all be near in the years ahead.


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