Utah Clean Cities & Southwest Utah Leadership MOVE the Southwest Launches

Utah Clean Cities & Southwest Utah Leadership MOVE the Southwest Launches as Mobility Outdoors Visitor Experience is Powered-up in the American Western Landscape.

May– 20, 2021 ⎼⎼

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Clean Cities Coalition joined Kane County, Kanab, Zion Forever Project, Kane County Office of Tourism, and other officials for the launch of MOVE the Southwest and a corresponding Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment ribbon cutting. MOVE the Southwest captures the vision and sentiment of the emerging vision of Smart Mobility within and around Utah’s national and state parks. It frames more fully how we physically move through natural environments and additionally, how we are emotionally moved by Utah’s magnificent landscapes. MOVE the Southwest invites further interpretation for Mobility Outdoors Visitor Experience (MOVE)

MOVE the Southwest is an innovative approach to mobility that transforms the way visitors experience Southwestern Utah–whether it be a shuttle bus, passenger vehicle, or more active movement, such as walking, hiking, climbing or biking. This whole concept surrounds movement, and this movement should increasingly be zero emissions and fossil fuel free. It’s a call to recognize the natural resources inherent to the American West and supports building new ways of experiencing the outdoors with renewable energy sources. This initiative is part of a large-scale commitment from diverse stakeholders across the public and private sectors and at the local, state, and federal level.  Most importantly, MOVE the Southwest includes state-of-the-art technologies such as electrified transportation.

“We are gathered here to highlight electricity as one of the most perfect and renewable fuels for the sun-kissed Western region, exactly what is demonstrated here in Kanab. Currently, Utah’s fuel portfolio uses six highly effective advanced, alternative fuels; natural gas, propane, biofuels and now we can fully embrace electricity as fuel. We can, and do, make all of these aforementioned fuels in renewable forms,” said Tammie Bostick, Utah Clean Cities Executive Director.  Bostick went on to add a positive note for the beehive state as an innovation leader, “Utah’s leadership has demonstrated yet another state-of-the art transportation project. We must all realize the urgency to move to zero emissions. Now is the time.”

This partnership supports Southwest Utah’s commitment to bring action to a long-awaited strategic smart mobility prototype- a model which will thoughtfully support planned growth for gateway, rural communities and cultivate better-quality visitation experiences throughout Utah. The Southwest regional transit system will purposefully disperse economic opportunities throughout the entire region, while conserving quality lifestyles for gateway communities and preserving Utah’s precious natural and cultural resources. The Southwest is home and heart to three major National Parks, along with numerous National Monuments, State Parks, and other heritage sites, thus making it an anchor point for Utah’s larger $10B outdoor economy.

The launch of MOVE the Southwest could not come at a better time; as a key milestone for the EVZion – Electric Vehicle Shuttle Demonstration project has been recently completed. Essential electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the EV shuttle pilot demonstration deployment and is effectively staged at the Kanab Center. The first EV shuttle for the project is scheduled to be deployed in October 2021. EVZion is a Department of Energy Vehicle Technology Office, DOE VTO, funded by a contract intended to prove the feasibility of battery electric technology in a medium  duty shuttle along the route from Kanab through East Zion National Park. See more information linked here.

“Kane County has cultivated over three years of innovative partnership with Utah Clean Cities. With this partnership, our entire rural region is positioned to effectively connect key gateway communities and our abundant natural resources with American-made fuels. This project here at the Kanab Center moves our city into the future with electric power as fuel. MOVE the Southwest and EVZion both exemplify the manifestation of a strong public and private collaboration and truly, what works best for our unique community. It puts Utah on the map and demonstrates to the entire nation that rural communities like Kanab get things done by working together.” said Brent Chamberlain, Kane County Commissioner.

Utah is the leader in next-generation transportation innovation that is both conscious of preserving natural resources and committed to enhancing the way the world experiences Southwest Utah and the outdoors. In 2019, 4.5 million park visitors spent an estimated $258 million in local gateway regions while visiting Zion National Park.

  • Supported a total of 4,320 jobs
  • $101 million in labor income
  • $344 million in economic output in local gateway economies surrounding Zion National Park
  • Source: https://www.nps.gov/subjects/socialscience/vse.htm

Bostick rallied the gathering of community leadership, citizenry and vested partners with the inspiring thought, “This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and Kanab has arrived, power-driven and ready. Today we witness and cheer on this next level of energy security for rural America. We see this energy transformation as a progressive marker and guarantees the next generation a new kind of horsepower– this is especially poignant for this classic western Utah town- today is legendary!”



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 The mission of the Utah Clean Cities Coalition is to advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of the United States by supporting local decisions to adopt practices that reduce the use of petroleum in the transportation sector. Working closely with the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities programs, federal and state government, as well as our local stakeholders, we leverage our resources to bring funding into Utah to support the development and deployment of advanced fuel infrastructure and vehicles with an emphasis on renewable energies and technologies. We are committed to expanding transportation modeling by offering consultation services to access proven, state-of-the-art technological vehicles and equipment with proven return on investment for smart mobility fleets. We are here to support actionable steps to meet the challenges of our carbon-constrained world, to meet state and federal mandates, and implement sound business practices to tackle the serious nonattainment conditions in our state.