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ChargeWest™@Scale Receives $1.5M Funding Award from Vehicle Technologies Office


Tammie Bostick, Executive Director of Utah Clean Cities, states, “The ChargeWest™@Scale project marks a
significant stride in transforming transportation in the Intermountain West. By uniting eight states and
concentrating on sustainable electric corridors, we are actively reducing carbon emissions along heavy-use
roadways and promoting clean transportation solutions. This initiative benefits rural communities and enhances
National Park scenic byways and All-American Roads.”

Eight Intermountain West States Collaborate on ChargeWest™@Scale Project
Salt Lake City, Utah – Utah Clean Cities is excited to announce that the ChargeWest™@Scale: Revolutionizing
Transportation in the Intermountain West project has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious 2023 Vehicle
Technologies Office Program Wide Funding Opportunity. This significant $1.5 million award will drive transportation
transformation in the Intermountain West region, advancing the goals outlined in the U.S. National Blueprint for
Transportation Decarbonization and the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to achieving a fully
decarbonized and clean transportation future that benefits all.

The ChargeWest™@Scale project represents a groundbreaking collaboration between eight states in the
Intermountain West region: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. With a
shared vision, these states aim to enhance rural electric corridors along Scenic Byways and All-American Roads
throughout the region. The primary objective of this ambitious initiative is to develop the ChargeWest™ Western
Electric Highway Corridor Playbook and Alternative Fuel Roadmap.

Bonnie Trowbridge, Executive Director of Drive Clean Colorado, emphasizes the importance of the
ChargeWest™@Scale project for Colorado: “With our four National Parks and extensive rural corridors, this
initiative is vital for reducing emissions along routes to our parks, supporting local communities, and preserving our
state’s pristine landscapes for generations to come.”

With the support of the Vehicle Technologies Office Program funding, this project will accelerate the deployment of
electric vehicle infrastructure and promote alternative fuels, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and bolstering
sustainable transportation solutions in the region.

Alicia Cox, Executive Director of Wyoming Yellowstone Teton Clean Cities and Communities, states:
“ChargeWest™@Scale is transformative for Wyoming and Yellowstone Park. By advancing electric vehicle
infrastructure and sustainability, we honor our commitment to preserving our state’s beauty and Yellowstone Park’s
ecology. Cleaner transportation reduces emissions and protects our landscapes for future generations.”

Together, the participating states are committed to leading the way toward a cleaner, more environmentally
friendly future for transportation in the Intermountain West. The ChargeWest™@Scale project will drive
innovation and foster economic growth and job creation while ensuring a greener and healthier tomorrow for all
communities involved.

For more information about the ChargeWest™@Scale project and its impact on the Intermountain West region,
please contact: Tammie Bostick, tammie.bostick [at]

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