MMTT23: Clean Transportation through Hydrogen Fueling


Description: The world wants cleaner, cost-efficient energy and transportation. Electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles speed decarbonization and reduce risk of shifting to net-zero. This session will discuss trends in the hydrogen market and specific steps for deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructures . Implementing a future-plan for hydrogen needs to start today…be ready!   Join […]

MMTT23: Energy planning – Renewable & Resilient


Description: Transitioning to renewable and resilient energy takes planning. This final session brings together electrification and hydrogen into an overall energy planning strategy. Topics will include alternative fueling models, market and business conditions, long-term economics, analysis of data, energy needs projections, utility fees and grid connection. By the end of this session you’ll be able […]

Green Transportation Summit and Expo 2023

West Coast’s Premier Fleet Modernization & Sustainable Transportation Event ABOUT GTSE The Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE) is the West Coast’s premier fleet modernization and sustainable transportation event. GTSE offers attendees an inside look at the latest in fleet technologies and innovation and provides informative sessions featuring a who’s who of national and regional […]