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Sixteenth Annual Governor’s Idle Free Declaration Event Announcement


You’re Invited to the Sixteenth Annual Governor’s Idle Free Declaration Event

Salt Lake City, August 31, 2023, at the Utah State Capitol, 9:00 am – 10:00 am


Utah’s Impact Beyond Numbers – Sixteenth Annual Governor’s Idle Free Declaration Event Highlights Environmental Stewardship


Utah proudly announces the 16th Annual Governor’s Idle Free Declaration for September 2023 and the upcoming 2023-2024 Winter Season. With support from Utah Mayors, representing 75% of the state’s population, this declaration marks a significant stride toward cleaner air and reduced emissions. The event, held at the Utah State Capitol on August 31st from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, will gather leaders and advocates of the Idle Free campaign to highlight the collective effort for clean, emission-free air in our community.

Utah’s Impact Beyond Numbers: Environmental Stewardship

In Utah, our efforts extend far beyond mere statistics – they reflect our commitment to the environment. We’re making a tangible impact on the world around us, one that reaches beyond data and numbers.

As we officially declare Utah’s Idle Free Month and the Winter Season for 2023-2024, we reflect on the past 15 years with a sense of accomplishment. This initiative has inspired statewide idle-free policies and generated real action at various levels, supported by a ten-second commitment to turn the key and prevent unnecessary idling.

According to Utah Clean Cities’ 2022 report, the “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” program prevented over 200,000 pounds of criteria pollutants from being released into the air in 2021 alone. In the past year, the program collectively reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 13,942 tons, equivalent to saving approximately 1,183,139 gallons of gasoline.

Utah’s contributions transcend numbers, leaving a heartfelt impact on the environment. By reducing emissions, we’re nurturing healthier communities and preserving the beauty of our natural landscapes.

Imagine this: The fuel saved through the “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” program for a year could enable approximately 473,256 Utah residents to explore all five of our cherished national parks. These adventures not only enrich lives but also showcase Utah’s commitment to emission reduction, ensuring the preservation of our landscapes for future generations.

Moreover, Zion National Park is also striving to become Idle Free. Your example of responsible practices while exploring our national parks will undoubtedly leave a positive impact, inspiring others to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.


Utah’s summer of 2023 has brought record-breaking temperatures and heightened ground-level ozone exposure. Ozone and PM2.5 emissions from vehicles, coupled with wildfire smoke, continue to impact Utah communities, particularly affecting marginalized populations. Simple actions like “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” empower individuals and transportation fleets to combat the adverse effects of air pollution.

Through active engagement from local governments, businesses, fleets, and Utah communities, the annual Idle Free reminder strengthens partnerships and sets higher benchmarks in curbing unnecessary idling.


Distinguished speakers at the event will include Tammie Bostick, Executive Director of Utah Clean Cities; Bryce Bird, Executive Director of Utah Division of Air Quality; Kim Frost, Executive Director of Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR); Senator Lincoln Fillmore, Chief sponsor of S.C.R. 2 Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Environmental Impact of Vehicle Idling; and Jeff Silvestrini, Mayor of Millcreek, an Idle Free City.


Join us at this all-Utah event, as we celebrate our commitment to cleaner air and a sustainable future. If you are unable to attend but interested in event coverage, contact Grayson Wickel from Utah Clean Cities for interview opportunities: email Register here

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